The adventure starts!

Whether the destination is familiar or unknown, near or far away.

Undergo meaningful travel.

Really ‘be’ somewhere instead of merely ‘visiting’.

Immerse yourself in a different world, in another culture.

Gain inspiring encounters and get acquainted with local dishes and customs.

Escape the fray and visit awe-inspiring locations, where you are one of the few.

The moments when you really connect with a country and its people: that’s what experiential travel is all about. To experience is to remember. These are the moments that give both body and spirit such an enormous energy boost. 

What do you want to experience during your travels?

What is your most memorable travel moment to date?

If you could go anywhere, do anything, no limitations, what kind of trip would you choose?

Travel makes you happy

After every trip you come home with a fresh outlook. Best of all, you can look back on any part of the experience at any time. You get to know yourself in a unique way, maybe even become more flexible. Travel feeds your imagination, broadens your horizons and gives you a more complete picture of the world.

A passionate traveller

A passionate traveller myself, I am extremely grateful that I have been able to visit more than 40 countries. Among my favourites are Iceland, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Canada, USA, Costa Rica, Cuba and South Africa.

All my travels and work experiences have prompted me to pursue my heart’s desire and have brought me to where I am today, to United Travel. For me, there is nothing better than helping my customers to design a memorable trip that fulfils their wishes. I firmly believe that travel enriches our lives. It’s with that belief that I take on the role of your personal travel specialist, to help you to create your (dream) journey. Working together, I can help you to bring your travel dreams into reality.

Ling Chan

Ling Chan

Inspirational examples of unique travel experiences


The tour ‘An Evening Walk in Gion’ with a local guide gives your stay in Kyoto that extra something special. If you are lucky, you will come across a geisha (geiko) or maiko who is making her way to a discrete rendezvous in an ochaya (tea house). This is Kyoto’s most traditional entertainment district, where the mysterious world of the geisha is still very alive. Here you uncover some of the mysteries of a geisha’s life and why they have chosen that path. Come marvel at their lifestyle.


From the movie Memoirs of a Geisha, you can see famous locations in Kyoto with your own eyes. Think about the Gion District, Fushimi-Inari Shrine, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kiyomizudera Temple and the Heian-jingu Shrine.


Visit various film locations used for such movies as Star Wars, Interstellar, James Bond, Thor, Game of Thrones, Prometheus and Oblivion. The impressive landscapes and natural phenomena in Iceland cannot be described with any pen, they can’t be compared with any other country


Get ready for your trip by viewing the untouched and overwhelming nature of Iceland through the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I had the good fortune to be on set whilst the movie was being filmed in the scenic village of Seyðisfjörður.


Follow the legendary Blues Highway Route 61 from Nashville, Tennessee to New Orleans, Louisiana, with music around every corner. Create a playlist of artists from the Deep South and listen to swinging music (Blues, Country & Western, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Soul) as you make your way south. Really dive into the environment and culture brought on by the music.


Download the Mississippi Blue Trail app. A project where characteristic markers (signs) have been positioned at certain locations in Mississippi and at places that have meant a lot for the development of the Blues.


Extend your journey to Australia or New Zealand, hitting the ‘pause’ button on your travels with an overnight stay in Singapore. Tour this modern city-state from a new perspective…by using your taste buds. Sample the tastiest flavours of Singapore in a delicious mix of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian dishes and drinks. Often referred to as food heaven, Singapore attracts millions of people each year who want to experience its culinary treasures. During the customised food tour, you will embark on a cultural journey of discovery in which Singapore cuisine is central. Let your senses surprise you!


Eat like the locals do by ordering dishes from different food stalls (hawkers) at Tiong Bahru Market and the Food Center. Then walk it off in this trendy, quaint Art Deco residential area.


The majority of Norway consists of mountains and wilderness. Fresh, clean mountain air does something with your consciousness. The Norwegian mountains are an essential part of the national identity. To this day, the Norwegian legislation ‘Allemannsretten’ provides that everyone has the right to use the non-fenced countryside; for example, to camp. Whilst hiking, you can visit or stay the night in one of the thousands of well-kept mountain huts.


Bergen has an average of 235 days of rain per year and celebrates the Rain Festival every October. Of course, with a raincoat and umbrella parade. In any kind of weather, book the ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ tour and experience the most beautiful parts of the Norwegian Fjord. This tour includes unforgettable moments on the Bergen railway, the Flåmbaan, a fjord cruise in the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord, and traversing the steepest road of Northern Europe around mount Stalheimskleiva, which includes thirteen hairpin bends.

Personal travel advice

It starts with your idea. A sense of adventure starts to build with our first contact. Together we craft your trip the way you want it. For an optimal experience, I steer clear of a jam-packed itinerary. Rather, I advise you about the worthwhile sights to visit. This gives you room for your own interpretation, for unexpected adventures and for spontaneous local encounters. But more importantly, you get time for rest. Time for yourself and to process all you have seen up to that point.

Let’s get in touch.

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How I help you

Travel experiences tailored for you!

To map out a travel plan that best suits you, it’s important that we first get to know each other. During your initial consultation, we discuss what you would like to see and experience. You talk whilst I listen. I will think with you, ask questions here and there and carry out your wishes and needs to the best of my ability. No need to spend hours online searching for the best deals and travel times. With my (travel) knowledge and experience, I do the research for you and cherry-pick the best choices to incorporate into your travel proposal.

Together we create a travel programme that matches your wishes, interests and personality. After I have drawn up the initial travel proposal, we go through it together so that I can adjust your trip, where necessary, until it’s just the way you want it.

Full service package

My main goal is to ensure that your trip goes well. In addition to practical travel information and tips, I can assist you with arranging car rental with all-inclusive insurance, appropriate travel and cancellation insurance, at-home vaccination service, pocket wifi rental, airport parking service and private transfers. Of course, you will receive my personal tips throughout your voyage. This way, you travel with peace of mind. 

As an independent travel advisor, I am affiliated with United Travel. I work together with all reputable travel organisations and local partners. Additionally, you are assured of excellent quality, certain guarantees (ANVR 5471, SGR 3642 and Calamiteitenfonds) and competitive prices. Bookings and payments are managed by United Travel (Chamber of Commerce 59901152).

The trade association ANVR collaborates with its members to promote sustainable tourism. I work with GreenSeat to help make ‘green’ travel more attainable. Through me, you can compensate the CO2 emissions of your trip. It’s this compensation that lets you give households in developing countries access to sustainable energy.

Because no one knows your travel plans better than the two of us, I remain your point of contact before, during and after your trip. I am available to you during the weekend and in the evenings and will respond to your question(s) within 24 hours. Like to speak with me personally? We can schedule a Skype meeting or face-to-face appointment in Rotterdam.

I visit new and exciting destinations on a regular basis to gain new inspiration and keep in touch with my local partners. During an evaluation trip to any destination, I experience the atmosphere, food, service and pay special attention to the feeling. So much more important than just compiling a brochure of beautiful pictures.

With continuous education through trainings, lectures and themed events, I stay on top of the game. I work together with expert local partners to create unique, well-thought-out trips and authentic excursions for you.

Will you be staying in or nearby Rotterdam for an extra day or two after your meetings? Let me know your interests and I can set up a mini tour for you.

As your dedicated travel designer, I can help you hammer out a travel programme to suit your specific requirements.
I provide you with original, tailored experiences to help you enjoy Rotterdam like a local. You will see this vibrant city from a unique perspective and discover its hidden gems that only ‘Rotterdammers’ know about.

Whether you have always wondered what one of the world’s biggest flower displays looks like (the Keukenhof), or if you have always wanted to explore Rotterdam by bike. Perhaps you are a fan of tours (food, street art, architecture, photography, beer) or the thought exploring Rotterdam’s massive working waterways – from a vintage Dutch sloop – gets your heart racing faster. What’s that, add a picnic basket stuffed with wine, cheese, crackers and fruit to the harbour adventure? You got it!

It’s my pleasure to help you use your free time to the fullest. I will work with your wishes and timeframe to put together a Dutch experience that you will remember for years to come.


After you return from your trip, I contact you to ask about your experiences and the planning of it all. Of course, your suggestions and points for improvement are very welcome at that time. It gives me a great feeling of contentment when you can look back on your tailor-made journey and conjure up fantastic memories.

Working together, I can help you to design an awesome journey worth remembering!