Let’s travel from your couch

Let’s travel the world without leaving your couch.

When you’re a travel addict, like me, travel is always on your mind, incessantly adding things to your bucket list and you’re constantly planning your next adventure. Sounds familiar?

So what’s the next best thing to do when you’re currently practising self-quarantine? In this digital age, isolation presents an opportunity for exploration around the globe- all at the tap of your fingers. Besides it gives you something to take your mind off worrying and ruminating.

The coming weeks I want to share tips to get you inspired in these uncertain times. So when the Coronavirus situation is cleared up, your trip is practically mapped out. I’m sure you’ll look forward to getting back to explore amazing places.

What do you miss most when you’re not able to travel?

I miss my family in Singapore and indulging in Singapore street food like Tai Wah’s Bak Chor Mee (a minced meat noodle dish tossed in a classy vinegar braised sauce) located in Hong Lim Hawker Centre.

How about you?

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Stay healthy, safe and connected!

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