Let’s makan!

Have you seen the movie Crazy Rich Asians?

The heartwarming modern day Cinderella story will make you want to book a trip to Singapore. With Singapore as the setting for the book and novel, it’s no surprise that food plays a vital part in this tale. I was excited, almost drooling, whenever the food scenes appeared. How often do you get to see so many iconic dishes showcased in a Hollywood movie?

If this movie has won your heart, then I recommend trying one of Singapore’s national dishes and featured in the movie – Hainanese Chicken Rice. Succulent steamed white chicken served with fragrant rice boiled in chicken broth along with a variety of homemade sauces such as soy sauce, fresh chili sauce and ginger garlic sauce.

Let’s makan (Singaporean English or Singlish for eat) like the millionaire characters in the movie, but without breaking the bank.

Hainanese Chicken Rice recipe and video recipe.

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