Learn Dutch

‘Niet lullen maar poetsen’. When you type this in Google Translate, you get ‘Not dicks but brushing.’ Huh?

As you can see, relying on Google Translate isn’t always a good idea, as it can’t substitute human translation.

When you plan on staying for more than a year in the Netherlands as an expat, I recommend you start learning Dutch shortly after your arrival. Dutch people will appreciate that you’re making the effort, and this opens up more chances for interaction with locals. It also helps you to better manage your everyday life e.g.
what is being said among your Dutch colleagues.

When you’ve had a few lessons and you can speak basic Dutch, it’s time to practice speaking Dutch with someone who will not automatically reply in English.

As a near-native speaker, I’ve been in your shoes and know many of the pitfalls. Let me help you increase your speaking confidence while you learn to talk about subjects that are relevant to your personal and business life. I’m happy to throw in some Rotterdam expressions and phrases to help you become a Rotterdammert.

Send me an email when you want to buddy up with me to practice speaking Dutch.

As we say in Rotterdam: Niet lullen, maar poetsen (Actions speaks louder than words).



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