Chopsticks etiquette

Manners maketh man.

You may be a whiz with chopsticks, but do you know chopsticks etiquette?

There are just certain things you should not do with your chopsticks if you want to be civilized. Picking up a few strict no-nos would definitely be useful in preventing glaring eyes.

5 faux pas:

1. Don’t stick your chopsticks upright into a bowl of rice. It resembles incenses that the Asians normally burn in honor of deceased relatives.

2. Don’t spear food with your chopsticks. Accept the challenge and grab food with that pincer action. Check the chopstick scene in the movie ‘Kill Bill 2’.

3. Don’t waive or point your chopsticks at other people as this can be seen as vulgar and aggressive.

4. Rest chopsticks along the edge of your bowl, or on a stand. When resting the chopsticks, make sure they never point directly to the person sitting in front of you. Angle them slightly. Crossing your chopsticks is taboo, as it’s a symbol of death.

5. Don’t lick or suck on the tips of your chopsticks.

Now you can show off your chopstick etiquette and manners whenever you go! You’re welcome.

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