Staycation Texel

Staycation is the new vacation this summer.

After months of working from home, our weekends have started to blend into our weekdays. Many of us are longing to set our eyes on a different view than the one outside our living room windows. A change of scenery is more than welcome.

When restrictions are being lifted in the Netherlands, people will start travelling by exploring their own backyard.

If you consider swapping the hustle and bustle of city life for natural surroundings, I recommend the Waddeneilanden. This area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique ecosystem. Spend a few days on Texel, the largest of the West Frisian Islands, also known as the Wadden Islands. This island offers landscapes unlike anything else on the mainland, including sweeping sand dunes, salt marshes filled with lavender, broad white beaches. Go for a walk on one of the many pristine beaches. Lekker uitwaaien (let the wind clear your mind)!

This laid-back island has definitely stolen my heart. Here is where I learned how to appreciate cheese, at the age of 40. Now I’m hooked on sheep cheese from Wezenspyk.

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