Singapore ice cream sandwich

Ready for traditionally extraordinary?

Artisanal ice cream and frozen yoghurt outlets are everywhere these days, but as a Singaporean, I have a profound love for old school ice cream sandwiches.

I still remember the good old days when I had to run out to the streets and chase down the ice cream uncle (vendor) whenever I heard the tinkling bell announcing the arrival of his cart. Nothing beats the heat like this refreshing treat of happiness.

The iconic Singapore Ice Cream Sandwich is a treat you might not find in your own country. In Singapore, rather than stack rounded scoops atop a cone, they slice individual portions off a block. You get a brick of ice cream, wrapped up in a slice of rainbow bread or wafer biscuits.

When you visit Singapore, give this cheap snack a try. Be bold and choose a traditional flavour of ice cream like durian, red bean or yam. Get your lickers ready and prepare for a brain freeze 😜.

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