Stamppot? Lekker hoor!

Long before kale was something you found in your green smoothie, it was already a much-used ingredient in the Dutch winter kitchen, where it’s known as ‘boerenkool’.

The traditional ‘boerenkoolstamppot met rookworst (kale mashed pot with hefty smoked sausage’), which arguably could be considered The Netherlands’ national dish.

So, what’s stamppot? Dutchies love to mix and mash everything into one big blend. They started doing this in the early 1600s. Vincent van Gogh even created a painting about this habit, “De Aardappeleters”, which translates to the potato eaters.

Using potatoes as the base, and then incorporate a seasonal vegetable (e.g. endive, kale, spinach, sauerkraut) and a meat, making this holy trinity the quintessential comfort food, packed with nutrients. When you want to eat this potatoey-masterpiece the old school way, make a hole in the middle of your mashed mixture and pour the gravy in the hole.

Other popular stamppot dishes:
– Zuurkoolstamppot (sauerkraut stamppot)
– Hutspot (onion and carrot stamppot)
– Rauwe Andijviestamppot (raw endive stamppot)

Here’s a recipe when you want warm up on a cold and rainy day.

Eet smakelijk!

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