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An unforgettable experience – that’s what I create for you.

Whether you’re moving to Rotterdam, the Netherlands by yourself or heading abroad on holiday, I make sure you embark on a new adventure with ease.

With every tailor-made relocation and travel plan I design, my aim is to warm your heart.

I’m Ling Chan and I’m here to add an extra sparkle to your journey, be it for leisure or for work.

Let me facilitate a stress-free journey that will create cherished memories.

SparkLing up your journey

Expat Buddy

Moving to another country is exciting, but it can be a daunting and overwhelming task to figure out exactly how to prepare for the unknown. Especially when you’re moving on your own and you don’t speak a word of Dutch.

So many questions are whirling through your mind. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone on speed dial to help you navigate through this intensive relocation process?

Having me by your side gives you a head start in a foreign environment. I guide you through the maze of Dutch systems, take care of essential arrangements and help you to get familiar with Dutch culture.

Your relocation will be smooth, quick and hassle-free.

Sound like a plan? Let’s get you settled in.

Travel Designer

You’re short on time and the thought of adding travel planning to your never-ending to-do-list makes your head spin.

You’re planning a road trip but after days surfing the internet you’re still struggling to put together an itinerary. There’s so much information, where do you even begin?

Does this situation sound familiar?

When you don’t have the time and energy to plan such a trip yourself, I’ve got you covered.

Let me take the logistics and hours of research off your hands, allowing you to focus on being excited for your trip to Canada, Japan, Singapore or the USA. I create tailor-made travel plans filled with rich cultural experiences and guide you through the very best sights, sounds, flavours, textures and aromas of the different regions.

Sound good? Let’s get you started on your adventure.

Dana LukensHead of European Supply Chain
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Ling has been instrumental in a smooth transition for me. Not only did she help with all of the technical aspects of residency permit, leasing signing, insurance etc. due to her strong connections and expertise in the process, but she was also intuitively helpful with the integration that is needed when moving to a new living space, city and life. I would not be nearly as comfortable or settled only days into my move without Ling. You'll not find a more perfect expat buddy!
Scott PetrieSenior Designer
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As an expat from the UK I knew little about Rotterdam, such as good areas to rent and those to avoid. Within a short period of time Ling had identified a number of good properties that matched my needs. She attended a house viewing with me and communicated with the landlord on my behalf, which really eased the process a lot. I'm now happily residing in a family house and I couldn't have done it without Ling's help.
Nicolas TrajkovicFinance Manager
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I contacted Ling to help me out with a few administrative issues I faced as a recent expat in Rotterdam. She gave me great recommendations for all sorts of useful services around the city. More importantly, she helped me with finding the best Dutch health insurance package based on my needs. Her service is very useful in a new environment especially because I don't speak Dutch. I strongly recommend that newly-arrived expats contact her. I'll definitely work with her in the future again.
Nicoline HuizingaVisibility Strategist
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Ling has hosted the online Friday Afternoon Drinks and for me, it’s a highlight of the week. It’s all about having fun, having a good time, enjoying time with friends – even when I meet people for the first time. This hour gives me headspace and a feeling of being disconnected from every day stress, even if it’s just for an hour. Ling is just the perfect host; she is attentive, warm and welcoming and she makes this hour a lot of fun with a wonderful quiz that I learn from every time.
Lara WilkensFounder of Business Breakfast
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Ling is a wonderful person, entrepreneur and quiz master! She has tons of knowledge about travel, culture and all the fun things that come with them. Ling also has a fantastic sense of humor and genuine kindness that makes being with her so comfortable and fun. I highly recommend going to Ling's Friday night drinks and quizzes. They are really a breath of fresh air especially during these overwhelming and insecure times.
Robert MaiselCertified Cross-Cultural Trainer
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Ling is a reliable professional and a genuine person. She is also very funny, and therefore is the perfect host for the weekly travel trivia show! When I joined for the first time, I didn't know anyone. Ling changed that immediately and made me feel comfortable by introducing me to the other people on the call. I have been enjoying the program very much. It is a great way to engage in fun conversation with others. Ling's platform provides a valuable opportunity to network with a diverse group of individuals who love to discuss travel!
Petra OudshoornCoach
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As an entrepreneur I was short on time but wanted to take a break from my busy work schedule to recharge my batteries. Ling really made the difference in developing a well-thought-out plan that revolved around my interests. I had an amazing and hassle-free experience. If you're looking for a full service trip planning with loads of personal attention, where every single aspect is curated perfectly, you need to work with Ling!
Geert van de Molengraft Senior Engineer
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We had a foldable wheel chair for my wife, who was at that time not able to walk long distances. Ling had everything efficiently arranged, so we had no difficulties to visit all the places we had in mind. A warm recommendation of Ling as your personal travel designer! Thanks to Ling’s excellent and personal approach, we had an unforgettable trip!